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This Time It's Personal!

Smart, personalized autoresponses are the ultimate online marketing tool because they use the phenomenal power of "Spaced Repetition" and "Personalization" to massively increase your sales!

There's Gold In The Follow-Up Email!

Very few people are likely to buy your product the first time they see it. It has been well documented that it usually takes six or seven contacts with a potential customer before they purchase from you. "Spaced repetition" is simply the act of sending several "follow up" emails to your visitors thereby increasing your sales. Smart autoresponders automatically send out emails at regular intervals to "remind" visitors that they saw your product. Letting your visitors know that your excellent product is still available to purchase is the first "key" to converting a visitor into a sale!

Don't Call Me "Friend"!

The next "key" is to personalize the message. Think of all the spam you get that's addressed to "Dear Friend". How often does that end up in the trash? Now think of messages that begin "Hello Andy!" Those emails are much friendlier in appearance and a lot more likely to be read. Hence, they increase your conversion ratio even further!

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Hmmm... $199 $27 or $50/month?

Of course, if you really wanted to, you could make use of sites on the Internet who offer smart autoresponders for free (they'll put adverts in them...yeuch!) or you could pay someone else $50 per month to send out autoresponses for you (ouch!). But what's the point in doing that when you can purchase a license of our "Smart, Personalized Autoresponse" script and send out as many advert-free messages as you like, for nothing!

Recently I needed to send smart, personalized autoresponses, so I had a Perl script custom-written. I specifically requested that it had to have the most easy interface possible. You just set up the script and then call up an admin interface in your web browser (just like a webpage). You can then change any or all of your autoresponse messages online! The script takes care of updating them and sending them out. It keeps track of who needs to receive "email 4" and who needs to receive "email 2" automatically and once a day it sends out the messages!

Even better than that is the personalization of the messages! You can include the persons name by adding **name**, their email address by adding **email** and even a "hidden" ID code to track which promotion (or associate) they signed up from!!

Totally Unique!

Before I had the script written, I searched the Internet high and low to find a script for sale that did the job I needed. I couldn't find any! That's right! No-one is offering a script for sale that lets you set up Smart, Personalized Autoresponses! So this script, as well as being powerful, is unique!

Why are all the "TOP" Internet Marketers USING this script, but not SELLING it? Why are they KEEPING IT TO THEMSELVES?

Work It Baby!

Think about it. This script is like having a full-time (24 hours a day 365 days per that's what I call full-time) employee who sends out personalized emails to your potential customers at pre-defined intervals. This employee never makes a mistake, never asks for wages, and increases your sales by up to 400%!

100% "Pays For Itself" No-Fuss Guarantee!

Purchasing a license for this script used to cost just $199, but you can get it for just $27! You will save a fortune compared to paying another company to send out autoresponses for you! Think of the increase in sales! I'm convinced that this script will always pay for itself in a few weeks! In fact, I am so confident that this script, combined with the Smart, Personalized Autoresponses you send out will pay for itself within six months, I'll refund your money if it doesn't! That's my 100% six-month no-questions-asked Scamfreezone-backed guarantee to you!


You will need to know how to set up CGI scripts and be able to Telnet into your server to run a one-line command. Alternatively, ask your webmaster, a server administrator or a techie friend to install the script for you. Once installed you can make all the modifications you need through the web-admin interface.

Your Free Gift Worth $97!

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